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Startup to International
Business Growth Consultancy

‘There are no problems without solutions’


Why Dragon&Phoenix? Dragon and Phoenix are two of the most powerful symbols of success and prosperity in Chinese mythology with red representing good luck and fortune, and gold representing wealth and abundance. A rising phoenix symbolises rebirth, beating all challenges in life, and defeating hard times, and therefore represents transformation, strength and renewal. In Feng Shui, this pair is also considered to be the ultimate symbol of ‘marital joy’. The equivalent in a business context, therefore, is strong business partnerships and mutually beneficial business growth arrangements, and this is my key focus when providing you with business consultancy services.

Why Choose Dragon&Phoenix Business Growth Consultancy?

  • 30 years of extensive work experience in bilingual contexts in 4 continents
  • Startup to international liaising with all levels of business owners and stakeholders
  • Solopreneurs to CEOs, Vice-Chancellors, Heads of International Office, and MDs.
  • Projects include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), international sales and marketing, events management, and training webinars
  • SMEs, FTSEs to LLPs – projects completed for private and public non-profit organisations including Chambers of Commerce, Department of Trade and Industry, British Council & British Trade and Cultural Office, INTO University Partnerships, and blue-chip organisations
  • Memberships of professional organisations – professionally accredited consultant
  • Up to date with current trends and extensive network of contacts with other professionals


Tips, Tools and Techniques – Solutions Suitable for Your Business

  • Business Growth Strategies with structured 1 hour, 12-week and 6-month packages
  • Practical Application of established MBA Business Growth Models including but not limited to the following: SWOT, SMART Goals, AIDA, PESTLE, & Kaizen Continuous Improvement
  • Business Growth Mentoring resulting in proven (ROI) Return on Investment
  • Practical Application of Dragon&Phoenix Specific tried and tested Business Growth Models including but not limited to the following: 10,000 Steps, Three Tasks Model, SML Model

Strategic Planning for ROI, Results-Oriented, Robust, Resilient & Recession-Proof Companies

My own Dragon&Phoenix ’10,000 Steps’ and ‘Three Tasks’ and ‘Short Medium Longterm (SML)’ models, and a combination of the best MBA Business Growth Models, have helped me to simplify and clarify processes when managing uncertainty and complexity during my career. Work experience gained in managing complex projects with numerous stakeholders in the fast-paced corporate world and managing my own business for several years, means that I understand the reasons why it is easy to become ‘stuck’, and not know where to start or how to start, whatever the stage of your business growth. I love challenges and sharing my own professional development experiences to help you to grow your business more effectively, focussing on strategic business planning, time management & productivity to enhance business growth and employee performance. Proven results include improved efficiency, productivity, and profitability for companies, increased employee performance, and reduced stress levels for employees, improved time management skills, enhanced productivity, methods for clear marketing messages, increased sales, improved management of projects, and ensuring timely delivery of agreed projects in line with deadlines and to exceed expectations each and every time.


JoJo’s Blog

A highly informative insight into all of JoJo’s expertise. With the current focus on her upcoming book

Increasing Productivity & The Three Things Rule


Strategic Business Growth Mentor

JoJo has extensive mentoring and training experience and will design a bespoke strategic business growth package based on the specific requirements of your sector, enhancing and expanding on your current strategies or creating a full multi-faceted growth package from the ground up.


English, French and Mandarin

JoJo has over 10 years of experience teaching to a wide range of students of all ages. Individuals at home, business on-site and GCSE in secondary schools. Currently working online only, please contact with a specific request for a structured lesson plan and learning objectives, to be taught using a variety of teaching materials tailor-made to your own individual or group requirements.

‘A journey of 10,000 miles starts with a single step’.

Chinese proverb

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